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Welcome to Tillamook Bay Boathouse, LLC

Tillamook Bay Boathouse LLC provides fresh Dungeness Crab , Fresh Troll caught Salmon and Fresh Rockfish to both Wholesale and Retail buyers. We also sell Netarts Bay Oysters;Flavored Smoked Oysters; Willapa Bay Steamer Clams and Fresh Shrimp Meat. Fresh Albacore Tuna is always on top of the list when in season. (July through September)

We continue to sell the fish whole to ensure the finest and freshest fish possible . One of main goals is to provide you with the HIGHEST QUALITY Dungeness Crab and Fish available so you can experience the pleasure of eating and serving premium quality seafood. No more going to a store wondering if what you might buy is truly fresh.

We have on sight filleter who is available to fillet your fish as you wish it cut.We also have a fuel dock to service the commercial boats as well as sport fisherman with both Premiun gas and #2 Diesel - which is the only Diesel pump available in the port.

We sell crab bait ( fish carcases ) herring; squid; mackrel and razor clams to both the sport and commercial fisherman.


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Wholesale & Retail Live Crab, Whole Cooked Crab,

Whole Fish, Oysters, Steamer Clams, Bait, & Fuel

500 S. Biak St., P.O.Box 163
Garibaldi, Oregon 97118
Phone: 503-322-3600
Fax: 503-322-3557